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Hello my name is Rosa-Lyn,

I have led an extraordinary life, abandoned as a baby. I was taught natural resources by an unseen force in a world and time when little girls were seen and not heard.

Quite alone in the physical sense I was very aware of spirit people. I felt so loved and learnt so much from them about principles of life and how to manifest what you want by visualisation, I was actually doing this with 100% results, at four years old, I thought everyone else used the same process. I would look at peoples faces and I would see images around them and feel all sorts of emotions and feelings, this has been constant throughout my life.

At the age of 15 years old I experienced an out of body experience when I met my 'dead' foster father, again it was a learning experience of so much that goes on when our earth life finishes here, I came back with 100% proof of life after death.

As I look back at my life I realise all the resources that we need are within us, I so want to help you realise your own natural resources, that whatever you want in life, you can achieve your dreams with my simple process.

When a reading takes place on the telephone I understand at a level that I really know you and see pictures of people connected to you as it is now. I also see potential opportunities around you, I say potential because you always have choice, nothing is static, only the past is still, this is why I do not believe in "fortune telling", this idea ultimately takes away your free choice.

Dreams are very important in our working life, they are often sign posts to warnings and opportunities from our subconscious mind. I can help you to analyse them.

Our body is made of matter and energy, if our energy or emotional body is not at ease it will create disease, most doctors treat the effect, not the cause. I go straight to the cause by rebalancing the body's energy system getting very good results. I do this on a one to one basis in my West Midlands office.

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Rosa Lyn

As featured on National Television and Radio

Master NLP Practitioner and Professional Clairvoyant

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