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NLP Phobia Therapy

Phobia therapy
A phobia is simply an irrational fear of something. It is not an illness or a mental disorder. A phobia can happen to anyone and is nothing to be ashamed of. If is natural for us all to be afraid of things that can hurt us, but sometimes this natural fear gets out of hand.

I have studied the treatment of phobias for many years and I am sure that I able to help you. Please get in touch.

Many common phobias can destroy the quality of life in a way that friends, family and employers may find difficult to understand.

Types of phobias that NLP phobia therapy can help.

Simple Phobia - fear of a single event, such as ladders, frogs, snakes, enclosed places, heights etc.

Complex Phobia - fear of a number of things combined, as in fear of flying, which may also include fear of crashing, being trapped in the plane, showing extreme fear to others etc.

Social phobia - fear of people, crowds, communicating, blushing, trembling etc. Agoraphobia also comes under this catagory, where people feel very distressed when away from home.

Panic attacks - a very common phobia, often affecting apparantly calm and confident people. Panic attacks can be terrifying and people who are suffering may feel that they are about to die. See my testimonials page.

If you have reached the stage where you are prepared to accept help in overcoming your phobia, whatever it may be, then please do get in touch with me. I can help you turn your life around.

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Phobia therapy
I can show you how to achieve release from your fears and to find happiness and contentment again (see my testimonials from my many very satisfied clients over many years)


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