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I have spent much of my life helping other people to find love and happiness. These are some of the kind things that my clients have said about me. I have thousands of very satisfied clients all over the world.

"My name is Menelaos and I live in Cyprus. I have done my studies to Birmingham . It took me 4 years. During this period I was visiting my family to Cyprus 4 times every year. The last year of my studies after an unfortunate incident I couldn’t travel! Whenever I was traveling with car, bus or airplane I was feeling very insecure and I had terrible pains in the stomach and I wanted to through out. Traveling was a nightmare.
After returning back to Cyprus I was able to drive only short distances.
I met a lovely girl, who we are engaged now and we are getting married next September. She was fine with my problem, but I could see that she wasn’t happy with that. We can afford to travel any where we want in the world, but always I was telling her to go somewhere near by our town.
Two weeks before Christmas holidays I met Mrs. Rosa-Lyn through my job. I asked her what job she is doing. When she said that she is a phobia therapist I told her about my problem. We were talking for about half hour and she had given to me some advises about what to do before and during traveling. And so I did. At first I drove to the other side of the island with my fiancé and I was fine. The next day we booked tickets to go abroad for a week. We went and we had a great time.
Thanks to Mrs. Rosa-Lyn, my problem belongs to the past and I already booked my next holidays, which will be abroad again. I can’t wait!!!
Best Regards" Menelaos

"You are a caring, kind and amazingly perceptive lady. Thank you so very much for your help and support over the years"

"Over the last few months I have been speaking to Rosalynn, I have found her not only to be very accurate with her readings but also sensitive, kind and honest in the way she has dealt with me. I have found that she will convey the positive in any situation so I always come away from the reading feeling happier and knowing that I still have choices when it comes to the future. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to any non-believer as she does not believe in hocus pocus, but in honesty and truth. She is able to pick up on past, present and future events which to most people would seem insignificant-but for me they are confirmation that she knows what she is talking about. I count her as a very good friend".
Wendy Miller, Essex

"For a long time I was feeling down and lacking confidence due to not being able to let go of an ex-boyfriend. After visiting Rosalynn and experiencing NLP a couple of times I feel on top of the world and cannot believe how NLP has worked for me".

"I have known Lyn for many years and in times of trouble have found her to be very helpful and guiding. At the moment, Lyn is helping my daughter to overcome a terrible skin problem which we believe is caused by a psychological problem of the subconscious mind. This was relieved through Lyn’s healing methods which have had a remarkable effect not only on my daughter’s skin problems but on her state of mind and her attitude towards everything and everyone around her. All skin irritation has ceased which has left her with a glowing complexion which lets her lovely nature come shining through. I have every faith in what Lyn does and would recommend her to anyone in times of trouble".
Marie Hicken

"I have visited Lyn twice and during my second visit I was just as, if not more impressed as the first time. It soothes my mind to talk about myself and to have someone interested in me as a person, as my job requires me to listen to and care for others, so the visits make a pleasant change! I always feel clear-headed and confident after a visit. In fact I almost feel I would be lost without a visit every six months!"
Vikkie Couch

"Since seeing Lyn for the first time approximately 3 years ago, my life has changed dramatically. I have gone from being an insecure person with no confidence to feeling I can achieve anything in life. Lyn’s techniques prior to me attending an interview helped me to get a job; it was as if I was taking someone into the room with me for support and assurance. It is fantastic to know there is someone like Lyn in the world, who gives so much to helping others and is totally unselfish. Recently, I had a party and found the talk on dream interpretation very interesting, as I am sure the talk on life after death would be also. I am so happy with my life now, and feel that Lyn has made a big contribution to my new-found contentment. Debbie
Lyn radiates so much warmth and love that you are instantly bathed and enveloped in this lovely soothing and healing aura. The effect is immediate and meeting Lyn makes you feel relaxed and at peace with yourself. The experience is very therapeutic. She has predicted a very positive and confident future which she is helping me to achieve".

"I have been very pleased with my readings from Lyn. I certainly felt a lot happier after talking to her. She picked up on my thoughts and feelings very well, and her accuracy regarding my home, work and personal life was very good. Also being told that things could open up for me in the future gave me hope and made me more eager to embrace new situations and openings".
Wendy Hughes

"I have had three readings with Lyn and all three have helped me tremendously. Lyn makes you feel totally at ease and gives you an idea of which direction to take in this unsure world. Whenever I leave I feel that I can achieve so much and it gives me a much more positive attitude towards life and towards myself as a person. I’d like to thank her for understanding".
Sarah Hitchman

"After receiving my first reading/consultation from Lyn I feel that my life will be simpler and less confusing. She has helped me during a very important time in my life when major decisions needed to be made but I was too afraid to make them. I feel as if I can face my future instead of fearing it".
Nik Narevah

"During my first visit, Lyn picked up on many aspects of my past which were true. She also told me of an event concerning a member of my family which she predicted happening of which I had no knowledge. This did actually happen shortly afterwards. I have since returned for a second visit; not just because something Lyn said came true but because I find her very sincere and easy to talk to".
Hazel Evans

"I cannot thank Lyn enough for all her help and guidance over the past few months. Having gone from a terrible situation concerning an ex-boyfriend that I thought would never end, I now feel confident and satisfied with my life, as she predicted I would. Lyn has shown me the positive directions my life can take in the future, in regards to both work and relationships".

"Lyn told me I was going to meet someone whose name began with the letter “G” in America or Canada while on my travels. I’ve now been going out with Greg, a Canadian who lived in America for ten months. Apparently I’ll be getting married within 18 months-we’ll have to wait and see but somehow I think she may be right! A brilliant experience and a wonderful, bright lady".

"I was really pleased with everything Lyn told me. It put all my insecurities and fears at rest and made me see a few home truths about myself and my past and current relationships. I now feel at peace".
Karen Clifft

"Lyn helped me to open my soul, to look into it and made me realise that only I could make a positive life from a tragic past. Her accuracy astounds me and her genuine capacity to help people restores one’s faith in human nature".
Donna Hill

"After my fourth reading in two years, I can say Lyn’s honesty and accuracy are astounding. I am never disappointed with anything Lyn has to tell me, and am always happy and contented after visiting her. She constantly amazes me. She has an incredible ability-a gift which she uses to help others. Everything she has told me has been 100% accurate. I look forward to seeing her again".
Helen Smingler

"Before my first visit to Lyn I was unsure what to expect and was a little nervous, but the thirty minutes spent with Lyn made me realise and think about the kind of person I am. I went with the worry of the near future and Lyn was able to reassure me and give me some very useful and valuable advice. I now know what I have to do and the encouragement given by Lyn is going to help me enormously. After only 5 minutes with Lyn I felt totally relaxed and at ease. She has given me the optimism I needed".

"The forty five minutes spent with Lyn were wonderfully fascinating for me. Not only was my heart lightened but my mind was soothed and pleasantly clear which made my heart and footsteps feel lighter when I left. The welcome I received in her home was so relaxing and I felt completely at ease, and I value every moment spent with her".
Mrs. R. Robinson , Walsall

"I have never believed in psychics, and was frightened by the thought of someone looking into me and telling me what was going to happen. But Lyn was different. She knew all my fears, my happiness and sadness, things that have happened over the last few years. In one visit she has shown me how to take my fears and make them more positive and I thank her for that. After just one session I feel more in control and less scared about what is going to happen in my life. She is brilliant and all I can do is thank her, for just one hour of talking made one heck of a difference!"

"I was astounded and contented after my first reading with Lyn. I had many worries regarding the direction my life is to take, but instead of telling me what to do, Lyn helped me to answer my questions myself. At a crossroads in my life I now know what road to take. Lyn’s accuracy and understanding of me and my situation was 100%. She is a lovely person with a special gift, and I thank her for sharing it".
Lisa. C

"I have known Rosalyn for several years. She was helping me and my partner with relationship problems and was instrumental in us getting married. She has always been there for us both night and day. She is not only a good friend but also Godmother to both our children and we look on her as part of the family. She has given us both healing when we have needed it. She works with the energy that is around and within us all. While she is clairvoyant, her methods do not include fortune telling. A few years ago, my mother passed away. She visited Rosalyn on the anniversary of her death, which Lyn then reported to me when I visited her myself later that day. I need no proof of what Rosalyn can do, for everything she has told me has been correct. However she always emphasises that we have choices in life, and that it is up to us to decide what to do with the advice she gives. As she often says to me, “nothing is set in stone.”
Jane Harrison, Nuneaton

What can I say in words about Rosa-lyn that can describe the beauty she brought in to my life? Maybe that she is the way that God send an angel in to my life to help me out in hard times.
I have met a couple of other psychic before I meet with Rosa-Lyn. My experience was that either I end up in too much stress, still helpless with more questions or just I couldn’t find an answer on what was bothering me on that specific time.
Rosalyn has the magic touch on me. She knows how to talk to my soul and always calm me down, makes me see things in a deferent way.
Every time I meet or talk with her about something that stress me, not only I'm more relax but I feel as I'm flying. My soul gets such a great relief.
Thank you for being a part of my life.
MM Cyprus

Hi Rosa-Lyn,
Thank you very much for your precious reading.
After talking with you, I found this email.
I am sorry you had a bad throat. I hope you are recovering.
You gave me reassurance and power, always. You are so amazing!
Please take care, Rosa-Lyn.
I am so happy and lucky to be able to consult you! Yes, how lucky and blessed I am!
Many many thanks and much much love to you!

I can’t believe it has been over 10 years since I first contacted you, wow, how time flies by, and wow, how I have grown personally, spiritually , emotionally and stronger in every way since our very first conversation. In finding Rosa, for me, I found my guardian angel. When I first met you it was a time in my life where I felt very negative, I had no self esteem and felt sorry for myself. Thinking, why can’t I have what everyone else has in their lives, happiness, success, love, career, marriage, wealth etc. , “please someone tell me where and when I am going to receive all these things I crave and desire in my life”. However Rosa, you never granted me wishes, or sprinkled magic fairy dust, or told me what I wanted to hear, rather you told me when I should, when I shouldn't, and when I must. You have been my mentor, my friend and my inspiration, guiding me forward, giving me the strength in moving forward, being positive and believing in myself to achieve the goals I know have in my life. I now have two nursing degree’s, a daughter in university, stronger relationship, strong independence and a great future. You have always been there for me in my hour of need, and negative dark moments, and there have been many over the years, even when you were in Cyprus, Indian or in England etc, you always had and still to this day have time for me no matter what, you have never forgotten me. I cannot thank you enough, thank you, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart.
Cris Jones (Cheshire) xxxx

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